Saturday, November 27, 2010


The feathers were calling me from down the street. I didn’t want just any pretty feather, but something darker… I had been marveling at the giant crows in the neighborhood as of late, their shiny black feathers and black beaks seem so contradictory to the delicate spring blossoms. I would guess, black feathers would be more of an autumnal thing, but leave it to me to be a little off step. Black feather jewelry is really hard to find… I personally like it because it seems less hippy-ish and more edgy while still highlighting the beautiful motif.

Over the weekend, I stopped in the local craft store and picked up a couple packets of black feathers, I wanted to make earrings out of them, as I haven’t been much inspired by any earrings I’ve been seeing lately, and the ones I am inspired by…welly they cost a pretty penny, so we’ll get them later. I found with some sterling silver earring hooks, some sliver plated copper wire and some wire cutters, I was able to make a few pairs of earrings and a few necklaces. I’m not a jewelry maker by any means, and my method is a bit rough… but I actually really like the visual effect of my lack of skill.

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